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Prices are those as shown on Sites at the moment the Customer places their order. Prices stated during the purchasing process are expressed in euros and include VAT and administrative costs unless expressly stated otherwise.


Product and service prices do not include transport costs: these will be charged separately, and the Customer must pay them in addition to the purchase price. 


MarosEtti reserves the right to vary selling prices and transport costs at any time, although the Products purchased and costs will always be invoiced at the prices as stated in the e-mail which confirms the order. These are the prices that applied at the time of purchase, provided the Products were available.


The Customer agrees to MarosEtti sending its invoices electronically; but if the Customer would like a hard copy invoice, they can simply request one via e-mail.


Products will remain MarosEtti’s property until such time as the Customer pays for them in full, i.e. until they pay the purchase price and costs in full.

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